Anchor Pradeep to be sent to Chanchal guda jail for Drunken drive case

Looks like tough times are ahead for Pradeep Machiraju the anchor of new age generation. The guy has now opted to jail all the way as he was caught in Drunken Drive case.

The current news is that the Anchor will be taken to Chanchal Guda Jail this evening after the court summoned him to imprisonment. The source said about 10 days of Jail is to be suffered for Pradeep as he did not care for what Police already said regarding the new year drive.

Latest Update – The ANCHOR’s Phone switch off to Escaped from Police, Media and Counseling!

Pradeep along with a friend of his (Female) was caught on road red-handed drunken with a huge number of 178 points which is too high to drive and cause an accident. He will be facing imprisonment now.

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