Anchor Pradeep Machiraju is ABSCONDING/MISSING-police officially declares

Anchor Pradeep is now in the missing way where he has been putting his sources down and creating jeopardy not only for Police and also media. After a lot of searching on him, police finally concluded that he is on ABSCONDING now.

Pradeep the famous anchor was seen going with a Drunken drive on Hyderabad roads for December 31st midnight was supposed to be attending the counseling held by Hyderabad police. He switched off his phone and did not inform to his family also about his belongings.

Sources said he is trying his best to compel about coming out of this through legal means Pradeep as declared as Missing, Absconding guy by Jubilee Hills police. Pradeep is 35 years of age and is a famous anchor through various programs like KTUC and others.

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