Allu Sirish’s Okka Kshanam is a copy of Korean film Parallel Life?

Titled Okka Kshanam Starring Allu Sirish directed by IV Anand has got some stunning news to discuss for. The makers are all set to turn out the movie this month end while there is a news out there that Parallel Life a Korean movie is what inspired IV Anand for this film.

AK Entertainments recently released the trailer of Memiddaram which is now an official remake of the same Korean film. Though the team of Okka Kshanam did not accept about the collision of two trailers they said there is much bigger thing inside the movie theme other than said in trailer.

Okka Kshanam is set to release on 28th December and it would be interesting to see if it’s really a copy of Parallel Life. Along with Hello, MCA, Okka Kshanam is testing its luck.

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