Allu Arjun’s strict warning to Bigg boss Finalist Hariteja

The star heroes always enjoy the huge fan base at audio launches and public events for sure. Now the Okka Kshanam pre-release event has got Allu Arjun appreciated the host and Bigg boss finalist Hari Teja.

After he spoke about Okka Kshanam film he totally focused his idea on Hariteja and started praising her at the audio launch. He said she is one of the great artists in Telugu “I have a great admiration for Telugu artists and Hariteja is one of them.

She has got a good spontaneity as host and she cannot tell another hero as her favorite hero in future (She said Bunny is her favorite hero a few hours back when she started hosting ) ” So Bunny gave a good warning to her and she was seen shocked all the way. Hari Teja again spontaneously said, “Any center, Mee Pere.”

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