Allu Arjun’s Naa peru surya shoot got issues because of Anu Emmanuel!

The team Naa Peru Surya starring Allu Arjun has been seen so silent from the past few days and it is surprising everyone. There are few interesting consequences towards this. Allu Arjun has got the plans for great promotions but the Anu Emmanuel issue has created the stop for the shooting of this movie.

Anu Emmanuel being a USA citizen the team of NPS now wanted to fly America to shoot 2 songs over there. Allu Arjun too wants to meet the fans of his there. Now a song which is an Item one has been picturized on Allu Arjun and Elli Avram. After this song, the team is planning for abroad things.

Naa Peru Surya should be wrapped by February ending only but it took all the way until March. Anu has got some passport issues and the songs shoot that got planned in India have got changed totally. And this suffocated the makers of Naa Peru Surya to change the plans and fly abroad.

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