Allu Arjun irks Pawan fans yet again? New war drama starts?

At any time when Bunny aka Allu Arjun entered on stage and gives some speech few groups of Pawan fans take it on to their own feelings.

Bunny spoke the other day at Allu Sirish’s Okka Kshanam movie pre release function and asked the fans to be silent and this also took irony on twitter as of now. “Evaraina guests speeches ki addosthe naaku asahyam. Adhi evarainaa sarey..nenaina sarey.” Allu Arjun stressed at ‘Evaraina Sarey’ and this took so hard for Pawan Kalyan fans.

They thought Bunny the ‘Cheppanu Brother’ guy is intentionally here to take a class for his fans indirectly posting punches to Pawan Kalyan fans who has the habit o shouting Power Star Power Star at the audio launches related to Kalyan or Mega family.

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