Akhil took No remuneration for HELLO .. Nag to gift him imported car!

HELLO movie made by Annapurna Studios starring Akhil Akkineni produced by Nagarjuna is all set for this month end. The movie makers have some interesting surprise here out there for Akhil.

Akhil has not got a single penny for the movie as said by Nagarjuna. The film if goes a Hit film Akhil is going to be getting about 2 crore rupees. The film needs to go an about Break even if this should happen for Akhil. Nagarjuna is also planning a gift for Akhil regarding this movie.

He looks like is buying one good imported car however the result of the movie might go., Nagarjuna is so seriously promoting on this movie and he imported the car already into India. It was currently in Mumbai and Akhil will be getting it soon.

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