Akhil Akkineni wants to take revenge on Shriya Bhopal?

Hero Akkineni Akhil is now under two films ahead and he did not get a single blockbuster in his pocket. Though the second move proved his mettle of working a good deal The film entirely showcased on Vikram’s ideology but for the box office this movie is not a positive one for sure.
Akhil and Nag are taking time for a second chance, Here comes the bigger news from Akkineni Khandan as Shriya Bhupal is getting married to a new guy looks like Akhil is now on to his own style to grab the things out.
He is thinking to give a revenge for her and he wants to marry another girl before Shriya marries that guy soon. Akhil is not happy with the things gone between them but he is left with no chance as of now. Akhil Akkineni and Shriya were in love and also got almost engaged. But sadly things did not work between them later.
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