Akhil Akkineni angry on Upasana Konidela for his ex girlfriend

A few months back Akhil Akkineni even before the marriage of Chaitanya Akkineni got engaged to a girl named Shriya Bhupal the famous fashion designer wherein the issue got broke up between them really soon.
Akhil and Shriya were in love where Shriya is little elder than her. But now the things did not work between them and they are apart now. Now after the breakup Akhil was focused on his new movie, Hello but on another side, the girl Shriya Bhupal went to get married to another guy.
None other than Upasana Konidela’s cousin Anindith reddy was got to be the would be of Shriya Bhupal both were seen together and will be married soon. This took irk of Akhil Akkineni and sources said Upasana is breathing fire from Akkineni fans and Akhil Akkineni as well. Who things Upasana is the one who managed to get this match to Shriya.
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