Actress Amala Paul arrested

Actress Amala Paul is known for various films in Telugu and Tamil cinema, The actress is currently leading out the visual phase and wonderful outcome. Amala Paul has faced bigger things in her life right from divorce with her husband to lot many things in all ways.

Amala is currently doing her work in few films while she has been hitting out by the destiny in lot crucial things. She romanced with heroes like Ram Charan and Allu Arjun in Telugu. Her new car issue raised problems for the heroine as she registered her car at Pondicherry with a fake address trying to evade Income tax of 20 lakh rupees out of 1 crore which she put her for the car.

Amala Paul was arrested on this issue by the police she got the bail-in few minutes and was out of the jail as well. Police basically arrested her to get on questioning but her lawyer helped her immediately.

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