Raviteja not changing his attitude, Forcing the producers to pay 10 crore!

Looks like its time for Raviteja and his manager to look after the future of Raviteja for sure. It has been said that Raviteja just because of his remuneration issues was forced to sit at his home silent considering the almost zero chances of his.

He delivered a series of plop films where none of the producers gave interest to make a film with him at all. He showcased some interest with Dil Raju later on and signed for Raja the Great movie for 10 crores of Remuneration. Sadly with some decent talk the movie never gave out the buzz of Break even at all.

Raviteja too not having some great market at all and he is currently forcing his new producers to give the same 10 crore rupees which is so big for his current market. The new producer Ram Talari forcefully agreed to pay 10 crore rupees to him where the movie will be directed by Kalyan Krishna.

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