6 questions by Mahesh Kathi on Poonam and Pawan .. Answers are here!

The answer kind of article is now viral on social media answering the 6 questions to Kathi Mahesh who asked Pawan and Poonam Kaur at a time. ” She was supposed to be doing the role of Nandu-Kamalini Mukherjee in the movie Jalsa which was not possible at all.

So she got unable to adjust the dates and skipped his program of doing this movie. So she was also seen at movie’s Pooja programs. Later on she was dropped by Trivikram wantedly for another role and replaced Kamalini Mukherjee too. So this irked Poonam and she is so serious on Trivikram from those days. But Poonam after loosing various chances she just committed suicide under depression.

Pawan Kalyan took the issue on to himself and saved her joined her in hospital after her mother informed what happened. So he also paid her bills taking the responsibility. Later on, Pawan Kalyan and Poonam were the best friend but they never visited Tirupathi together.

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