2Point0 postponed because of Bahubali2? Strange reason!

The bigger news in Trade circles these days is about new release date of 2pointO movie was because of Bahubali 2. The film industry is discussing about why the film has not slated for the earlier give date at all. Rajinikanth’s sequel of Robo is one big time saga on the South Indian Cinema.

Bahubali 2 got released out in April 28th APRIL 2017 which is last week off April and it went so good. Now almost the same date was given for 2Point0 as well. The makers of Rajinikanth’s movie see it as another Bahubali and they wanted to release it around the date of Bahubali only.

This is what behind the reason for bigger late of Robo sequel and nothing else is said to be than this. The VFX and other things are surely set but the only reason for all this late thing is Bahubali sentiment for Makers of 2Point0.

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