10 Year Old Girl Killed in Giant Wheel Crash in Anantapur

A horrifying accident took place after a giant wheel crashed to land at an exhibition in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh. A 10 year old girl died on the spot and 6 others were injured severely in the accident. As per the early reports out of the 6 three were children less than 15 years.

As per the reports, a bolt gave away before the giant wheel hit the land and one of the trolley cars instantly came down from a certain height making everyone around there watch in horror.

The 10 year old girl who died in the accident has been identified as Amrutha who visited the local exhibition. As it was a weekend day, there was a huge crowd at the fair than during the normal days. The police were informed about the accident within no time by the people around and enquiry is going on.