SHAME ON TELUGU MEDIA for Kathi Mahesh’s TRP usage issue

The Kathi Mahesh issue has been bigger in the nature now for Telugu people and Telugu states as well. Pawan Kalyan fans started abusing him for his aggressive comments on Kalyan and this took irk for Pawan and everyone sorted out to be calling Mahesh and giving him warnings since many months.

The issue can be easily solved if Mahesh gave a cool post and Kalyan fans apology him for making out serious comments on him but the bigger culprit here would surely be Telugu media where everyone are putting their finger on their noses. Mahesh Kathi’s big time program is to have a debate in any one of the Telugu media channels and post derogatorily comments on Pawan Kalyan.

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Media looks like the bigger game changer here without any second thought. Pawan Kalyan will never respond on issue but Media is pulling in lot of TRP here. Ultimately Telugu media has turned Shameful all the way just for TRP and no serious logics.

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