Pawan Kalyan’s Jansena CHALORE TOUR Review – Fruitful one with few rectifications to be made for great future

Well the Janasena President Power Star Pawan Kalyan embarked the political journey of his with Chalore Chal tour as the schedule of his between 6th to 9th of this month went so good the review is coming up for various issues.

Pawan spoke a lot about PRP’s conspirators and traitors like he never took. He also mentioned the names of Parakala Prabhakar and other caste biased media heads put him down and Chiraneevi at that time. He made comments against Allu Aravind as well. About Kapu reservation he said he has no caste and religion yet he spoke positively on the Kapu reservation, He went criticizing BC Leader R Krishnaiah to put out opportunistic politics.

Pawan Kalyan’s Jansena CHALORE TOUR Review

Polavarma project is what he visited and asked Swetha Patram demand on the same. Pawan Kalyan spoke about Capital Amaravathi and pulling Caste issues into this programme asking Amaravathti can’t be best capital if the caste issues goes this way in Guntur and Vijayawada. The stand on his BJP was so clear and he posted best rivalry with them. He took potshots on BJP’s leaders like MP Gangaraju and others. He put out YSRCP as the prime victim that is ruining the state on various reasons.

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He explained his stand on TDP as he triggered few situations and pointed out how TDP leaders used to gossiped about his Tonsure issue during Paritala Ravi time. Power star also spoke about biased Caste issues of Media too.

On the whole Pawna Kalyan got some fruitful tour as people received him much better though his speeches went so unclear the way People trusting in him was like never before and going to be never after for sure. Power star clearly made his best out in this tour but he needs to carry the same kind of strongness while he has to try making their promises and belief in him on better stand. Saying yes on one side and leaving it for later is not Kalyan should do. He did the same for few issues like Amaravathi land issues. Pawan Kalyan also should startup a bigger party office in Vijayawada soon and keep his people over here to listen and conclude his personal stand on the problems of Andhra Pradesh people..