Logical questions to Kathi Mahesh from ALL PAWAN KALYAN FANS, Answer Chese dammu und Mahesh?

“Pawan Kalyan did what he has to do and accomplished his responsibility during the starting stages of this issue knowing these Mahesh Kahti kinds of people will create Jeopardy, He released a press note to Janasena people and Fans a few months back itself asking not to respond if someone is derogating him politically or regarding films.

What more does this Guy Kathi Mahsh want? There are lot more fans for Pawan and for any hero, coming out daily and explaining each of the fans to stop and keep themselves silent is not an easy thing. Forget its Pawan Kalyan or another hero. This is a Mob mentality country where crore runs for Single person, Single God, Single religion or region. Every individual needs to carry some commonsense not teasing, triggering MOB Mentality which will have thousands and crores responses. Same time there’s wrong from Kalyan’s fans side too.

But here the problem is, We are ready to say sorry from those kiddish mentality people who threatened this guy if Mahesh stops this bull shit drama. But its too clear that this guy has lot more hidden intentions and wants only Pawan Kalyan to be pulled on the road because of him and he wants to grab some publicity or what so ever. Democracy lo sure ga freedom, rights unnay same time responsibility kuda undi. Intha issue nadusthundi kabatti naalugu rojulu silent ga unte aipothunnde, But Kalyan rawali khandinchali ante?Eppudoo khandinchadura bhai ilanti situation osthadi ani. U r sleeping at dat time? Triggering Mob mentality being a matured critic is so lame than abusing as a teenage fan”.

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