Agnyaathavaasi audio function Live Updates

The Agnyaathavaasi audio function is going on in HICC Novotel of Hyderabad, The function is organised by Haarika & Hassine productions where in Power star Pawan Kalyan fans are so excited for the range of the teaser that got into market already. Director Trivikram Srinivas and Pawan earlier gave Jalsa and Atttarintiki Daredi so this crazy combination has lot of expectations.

Watch the live of Agnyaathavaasi audio function on internet now with ApNewsCorNer live updates.

  • 8000 feet led for the first time ever for audio launch
  • Producers J pulla Rao and Bhagwan launched the First song of Agnyaathavaasi
  • Producers AM Ratnam, Aditya music Chairman and TV5 chairman launched the second song
  • Pawan Kalyan is Athado Mitha Bashi, Nithya Satyanveshi, Arjunudilaa Agnyaathavaasi – Tanikella Bharani
  • Producer Dil Raju, Boman Irani and Tanikella Bharani launched the third song of movie

  • I accepted this film only by knowing that its a Power Star and Trivikram project, i didn’t even ask for the script – Boman Irani

  • Power star Pawan Kalyan enters the venue of audio function in suit. Crowd cheering CM Power Star.
  • Trivikram Srinivas enters along with Power star.

Photos – Agnyaathavaasi Audio Launch Photos

sand art Agnyaathavaasi

  • 1 Lakh people watching Haarika & Hassine creations on YouTube live.
  • Peru ke Pawan ante chinna gaali .. He is Prabhanjanam .. Trivikram Sandhinchina asttram – Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry
  • Ee maha prabhanjanam kalyananni thesthundhi, trivikramudu sandhinchina kalyanastram collectionla tsunami srushtinchadam kayam “Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry
  • For me to come back into Telugu films after 10 long years that too with Power Star is a great opportunity I thank my producers and entire team  – Kusbhoo
  • Chiranjeevi garitho stalintho natinchina 10 samvatsarala tarvata pspk tho telugulo comeback ante cant ask for mor.
  • Despite the status being Powerstar and Super star Kalyan is a man of few words and humble, Thank you Kalyan – Kusbhoo

Anu-Emmanuel-at-Agnyaathavaasi-Audio-Launch Keerthy-Sures-at-Agnyaathavaasi-Audio-Launch Pawan-kalyan-at-Agnyaathavaasi-Audio-Launch

  • ” ఆయన అక్కడ కూర్చున్నప్పుడు మాట్లాడడం కూడా చాలా కష్టం, నేను పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ కి పిచ్చి అభిమానిని.. ఆయన సినిమాల్లోకి రాకముందర నుంచే నేను ఆయన ఫాన్ ని . January 10th super stylish ga chudabotunnaru – Aadi pinisetty
  • I feel this movie is greatest thing that happened in my life, We had a major journey went through. Its a blessing standing beside Kalyan but acting with him is a Honor. Trivikram is my all time favorite director. I hope i wish and i pray to work with Trivikram garu – Anu Emmanuel
  • Chinnapati nundi pspk fanni, aayanatho natinchadam adhrushtam – Anirudh Ravichander
  • PSPK tho natinchadam blessing. Trivikram garitho, ee teamtho malli malli pani cheyalani korukuntunna – Anu

  • Its not easy to be a star and its impossible to be Power Star, Its a big blessing and pleasure working with Kalyan garu. I have become fan of him Off screen now – Keerthi
  • Trivikram is one of the coolest directors i have ever worked with. The combination of Kalyan and Trivikram is so Magical. Anirudh looks like Pencil but his music is Magical. Every Frame looking like Painting because of Mani sir.
  • Baitikochi Chusthe making video released

Agnyaathavaasi audio Jukebox

  • Power star Pawan kalyan on stage now
  • A fan entered the stage rushing and fell on legs of Pawan Kalyan .. security pulled him out .. Kalyan went there stopped the security argued with them and got the fan back to the stage center took selfie and asked him to leave .. Highlight at Agnyaathavaasi Audio function.
  • If any one of you got hurt driving bikes rash and cars too Kalyan will be the one who feels a lot. We should be standing beside him all the time. Not atleast single person of us should be missing – Trivikram
  • Cinema Tappa Vere pani antu emi teliyani Manikannan teliyadu DOP Manikannan garu .. Iam proud to work with a DOP like him. You contributed a lot to this film. -Trivikram.
  • Murli Sharma have learnt me how to deal pressure .. I felt sad for not working with Rao Gopal Rao but Rao Ramesh covered me that feel .. I have learnt Samskaram from him – Trivikram
  • Pawan kalyan garu Italy lo unnappudu nenu ee kathani phone lo cheppanu. Ventane manam ee cinema chesthunnam annaru. Kalyan Nata viswaroopam ee movie lo choostharu meeru – Trivikram #AgnyaathavaasiAudio #Agnyaathavaasi #AgnyaathavaasiAudioLaunch
  • Pawan Kalyan starts his speech with Bharah mata ki jai slogan.
  • Kalyan gaari nataviswaroopam choosthaaru ee cinema lo – Trivikram

Agnyaathavaasi audio function Live Updates

  • Me and Trivikram came from a middle class background we can understand each other well but He can live for himself i feel laugh when someone say he is suggesting my in political things – Pawan Kalyan
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